What are the age or weight restrictions on the Childrite seat?

It is very difficult to give an exact age or weight because each child is different. The Childrite seat measures 10.5 inches across in width and the depth from the interior edge of the pommel to the center back is 10 inches. Height of the seat measures 11.5 inches from the deepest point of the scooped seat to the top of the seat back. We are aware of children weighing up to 70 pounds and 12 - 13 years old that are using the Childrite. We offer a 30 day return policy in case your child does not fit.

What colors does the Childrite seat come in?

At this stage, in order to keep costs down, we only offer the orange Childrite seat.

Can the Childrite seat be used as bath chair or on a table top?

NO! Do not use the ChildRite seat on a raised surface or in the the bath tub. The Childrite is for floor level use only. Never leave child unattended in a ChildRite seat as seat is not intended for use as a restraint. The ChildRite seat was designe for for therapeutic use only.
Soft foam seat helps special needs children by providing a therapy chair and a supportive place to sit.
Warning - For floor level use only. Never use in a car or bath tub. Never leave child unattended. Seat is not a restraint and is for therapeutic use only.    More information