Super soft, black Sniffle Buddies hand assembled in the USA with Bamboo Velour. Made to fit over an Adult's coat or bulky outerwear or on bare Adult wrists larger than 6.5".

"What are Sniffle Buddies" - They`re high quality wristbands made with bamboo velour (70% viscose from organic bamboo / 28% organic cotton / 2% poly) that were created to assist allergy-prone toddlers during playtime. How much fun is it to be two and have Mom or Dad constantly hovering with a tissue when you want to "just play"? Drug them, keep them inside, hover endlessly, or give them Sniffle Buddies and just let them play..then toss `em in the wash and practice tissue use after playtime! We offer diapers to assist while they learn proper potty habits, should we expect that they will stop playing, use tissue, dispose of it, wash their hands, and then return to playing while they`re still quite young?.

"Why on earth would someone use one?" - Well, if you have a child that is not sensitive to environmental allergens, then this product is likely quite confusing. BUT, if your little one is reactive to the beautiful blooming plants and trees in the spring and debris-filled air in the fall...I`m guessing you "get it". Children play, run, breathe hard, sneeze, sniffle, itch, tickle, and aren`t very free to "have fun" if we make the rule that they have to tend every drip or itch with a tissue and then wash.

"Does it teach a bad habit?" ...Hmmmm... Well if we could presume that children will leave the monkeybars, slide, sandbox, stop a race with a friends, etc. to use a tissue and then wash their hands...then perhaps. If they use a tissue, but don`t wash their hands afterwards they`re still wearing their germs and now they`re on the palm of their hands. For curiosity`s sake, look around at many adults in line somewhere, driving, or talking directly to you....they get a tickle, sniffle, or itch on their nose and up comes the bare hand to tend it. No one knows where that hand just scratched or wiped, they don`t wash after each scratch and then touch doorknobs, keyboards, and shake hands. We already have a mindless bad habit that we`re not even aware of it, but it`s not healthy as it sends germs from our hands more directly into our systems and then all around us as we touch things. See the UC Berkeley hand to face touching study / ABC Face Touching Report. Sniffle Buddies give toddlers a target to utilize and create "mindful" wiping. When the Sniffle Buddies are off they`ll mindfully look for another target ...a tissue. When you always wipe for them, what do they learn?

Sniffle Buddies didn`t create the habit, we`re just identifying it and offering children and some highly allergy-prone adults an alternative to carrying an overused, germy tissue around in their pockets or up their sleeves or using their bare hands. Sniffle Buddies are NEVER for blowing into...just for tending the tickle or sniffle. They`re also being used to tend DROOL in special needs folks. And for adults... ask your skier friends where they`re wiping?

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